Atlas 3D scanner is a fun project

Got my Atlas 3D Scanner built.

KS staff pick photo

What is it?

It is a Kickstarter project that put together kit for a line-scanning 3D scanner.

In some of the reward variants, you bring your own mechanicals printed with a 3D printer, and then use those to house the components and provide structural makeup. This is the reward I chose when backing.

It runs the software on a Raspberry Pi, and you connect to it and control it over a network too!

What was great

The 3d parts that were designed by Murobo LLC all printed well in ABS the first time. Some of the highest quality 3D models lineup I have come across.

The KS creator provided timely, informative communications and kept to schedule (minus some supplier issues which were quickly resolved). Support for the backers has been so great!

The software (also included as part of the kickstarter project for backers) runs excellent on a Raspbery Pi 2 model B.

Plus, there are friggin laser beams.

friggin laser beams!


Overall, the best KS experience I have had.

Some parts of the assembly were tricky the first time through. It might have been helpful had I a helper with tiny fingers for a few of the steps, but overall it is a a robust mechanical design.

first scan in progress!

It has been a fun, rewarding experience so far, and I am looking forward to calibration fine-tuning and getting some scans out there.

Published on July 29, 2015