Starting on my LLC

I formed an LLC a while ago to be able to easily contract or subcontract on some of my new activities. Anyway, I needed the legal entity to simplify things… but I never really did anything for branding.

I had an idea for a logo that had to do with seven segment LED displays. My first Raspberry Pi project– it is still chugging away; I need to write a post about it– includes two 1.2” seven-segment display for the time/temp. It is visible from most of my house, and has been running reliably since its inception.

I started googling for seven-segment display and inkscape or gimp, and behold! there was an online screencast tutorial for doing basically exactly what I was thinking, using inkscape.

So here I present for your approval my brand new brand:


It is an S and a G from the name of the LLC: “Small Gesture”. I like how it includes old-school, reliable hardware component representations.


I plan to increase my personal brand around getting toward some more software consultancy in the coming days.

I am also starting a Foundations of Data Science workshop next week, so I might expect to become more serious on that topic, and perhaps even include some course projects in this space. Looking forward!

Published on September 25, 2015