Privacy Policy

How your data is processed

This website is powered by Jekyll, Google Analytics, and Disqus and is hosted on GitHub. Github (like any hosting company) can have full insight in visitor data, like connecting IP addresses, visited pages, etc. Note that Github is not known to actively profile visitors. By using a VPN you can (try to) prevent this.

Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics. This happens only if you approve third party cookies and scripts. However, actions have been taken to mitigate some aspects of tracking. Google Analytics has been configured to anonymize IP addresses.


This website uses Discus for comments. This happens only if you approve third party cookies and scripts, and the comments have been enabled for a particular page. Site Admin Settings for this website has turned OFF the following:

  •   Tracking - Enable anonymous cookie targeting for your site’s visitors.
  •   Affiliate links - Automatically append merchant codes to product links on your site.

Please refer to Disqus Privacy Policy (redirected from this link), updated April 12, 2021, for Disqus privacy policy. You may additionally specifically Opt Out of Disqus Data Sharing Settings here.