Source code - GitHub repos (@idcrook)

Servers / Services

I use a homespun Kubernetes cluster for some services from my home network.

Role Service Address
Static webserver lighttpd
IoT Data Logging phant
RSS Feed Aggregator Miniflux

3D Printering

3D Print designs

Github repo: idcrook/psychic-winner: Designs for 3D printering (objects, source files)

More designs on thingiverse account


3D Printers

Atlas 3D scanner

Raspberry Pi


Demos / Presentations

Raspberry Pi Demos

RGB LED web control demo (2016)

In a hands-on demo, everyone gets to wire up and control a multi-color LED using a real-live Raspberry Pi.

IoT with MQTT and Javascript (2017)

Using networked sensors, real-time monitoring and updates.


Foundations of Data Science Workshop, Fall 2015
Github repo - Capstone project and presentation